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Jonathon Newby at Doc's Music Hall in Muncie, IN, 2007

Photo by Benji Haecker. 

Jonathon Newby is a writer, performing artist and producer best known as the co-founder of the band Brazil with whom he released two studio albums (A Hostage and the Meaning of Life, The Philosophy of Velocity), two studio EPs (Dasein, ERE I AM JH) and a single (The Author).

He has worked with producers Alex Newport, Dave Fridmann, Bret “Epic” Mazur and Bishop Lamont and continues to release solo projects across a wide range of styles that includes noise rock, extreme metal, dream pop and experimental composition. He often writes and performs all the parts himself under various pseudonyms. 

Jonathon is inspired by prolific and often misunderstood artists such as Scott Walker, Syd Barrett, Mike Patton and The Fall’s Mark E. Smith. His interest lies in the storytelling aspect of songwriting, and his cross-linked narratives echo the musical mythologies of other world-building songwriters like Nick Cave, Tom Waits, David Bowie, as well as the conceptual continuity of Frank Zappa’s Project/Object

Jonathon lives in Indianapolis, IN, and works from a private studio based in a decommissioned automobile factory.

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